An Interview with Darin Rayburn, CEO & President, Melcor Developments, Melcor REIT

Darin Rayburn is the President & CEO of Melcor Developments Ltd. and Melcor REIT – both TSX listed companies. Darin has been a commercial real estate industry professional since 1991 and has held senior executive positions for more than 15 years.

Darin joined Melcor in 2002 with responsibility for leading the company’s investment property team in building a commercial portfolio as well as leasing and managing the commercial assets acquired across Western Canada and the United States. Since 2002, he and his team have grown Melcor’s commercial assets from 643,000 sf to over 4.4 million sf in 7 asset classes. Darin co-led the successful IPO for the REIT in 2013 and led the REIT to stable results since IPO in spite of ongoing market volatility.

In addition to the Melcor REIT commercial portfolio, Darin and his team oversee just over $2 Billion in development land, residential, and commercial assets on behalf of Melcor Developments Ltd, including an 11,000 acre land bank held for residential and commercial development in Western Canada and the United States, with 23 residential communities and over 200,000 sf of commercial property under active development. Melcor also owns and manages championship public golf courses associated with four Melcor residential communities.

Darin previously worked for Cambridge Shopping Centres and Oxford Properties. He holds an honours undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta.

Darin remains active in the community participating in a number of charitable initiatives and most recently sat on the non-profit Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation board.