KWB Chartered Professional Accountants is an Edmonton-based accounting and advisory firm. Our goal is for our clients to achieve success in their businesses. This doesn’t always mean making the most money – it often means having enough time to spend with family, being able to save for annual vacations, or running their business on their own terms. We understand these definitions of success because we’ve built our company on the same desire to strike a balance between work and family, business and enjoyment.

We strive to help our clients create a balance between work and personal life, both in their finances and in other areas of their lives. We take a very personalized approach to service; we want you to feel comfortable talking to us about your life and business. We take a partnership approach to our work with you, and communicate in simple terms rather than financial jargon. It’s important to us that you are as engaged as possible in your finances, so we include you in every step of the process.

KWB is managed by partners David Wickenberg, Darren Buma, and Richard Ouellette. Our partners come from various backgrounds within the accounting world, and together, their knowledge and experience provide our clients with superior service and reliable, personal advice.

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